ISO-certified quality

The Franomed brand belongs to the Franol Group, which is an ISO certified company. We guarantee the highest quality requirements for storage and production. Our commercial products are subjected to strict quality tests.

The origin of Franomed

The Franol Group was created by the product “Franol”, which has been a chemical product for cleaning paint surfaces especially in the automotive sector since 1965. Further expansions into the automotive world added the Divisions Franol Carcomfort, Franol Automotive and Franol Network.

In 2010, the Franol Group entered the medical division with the product “VeinViewer”, in cooperation with the companies LuminetX and Texas Instruments and was named franomed in Franomed. Since 2011, Franomed has also been trades in medical devices such as dressing materials in accordance with DIN 13164.

Impressions from ongoing operations

Production line C2

In the production line C2, one of a total of 4 lines, paper masks as well as particle filtering half masks of levels FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 are produced.

Production line C3

In the production line C3, primarily dressing materials for DIN 13164:2014-01 are produced, which are used in our car dressing boxes.

What else we do

As already mentioned, Franomed comes from the Franol Group. The Franol Carcomfort and Franol Automotive divisions manufacture automotive accessories.


ISO Certification

Every year, our company is re-certified to guarantee state-of-the-art quality standards.



Our production lines work reliably and can handle even large orders without any problems.



A professional customer support team is available to our customers.

Franomed, reliable and competent.

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