Useful links & websites

We have created a small collection of useful links & websites for you.

Useful and helpful:


Folding@Home is a great project and we encourage everyone to participate in this project. Our servers and employees Are also involved. In this project, we can combine all our computing power of our computers to help scientists decipher the RNA. If scientists understand the virus, they can also cure it.


A clear website with up-to-date statistics. The statistics are updated daily.

CNN News

Even though we have many newsstickers in Germany, we find that the CNN Newsticker is often faster and has better information. The situations in other countries are also presented in much more detail here.

World Health Organization

The website of the World Health Organization is a website that often goes under, because all the newstickers etc. have a better “marketing”. That’s why we would like to encourage everyone to visit the WHO website from time to time.